Pamplemousse w/ Maggs Bruchez

with Telequanta on the warm up
Keeping the hot summer vibes moving 🥵, we’re pleased to announce that this month’s Pamplemousse Party 🍊 will be extra intimate, as we’ve got your friendly Pamplemousse hosts bringing that dancefloor heat to our humble abode in Fishtown. Maggs Bruchez, the dj/production duo of Will Maggs & Dre Chez, have been opening up the room and warming up the dancefloor at the Liaison Room for the Pamplemousse party for the past 5 years. For July’s party, you can expect a full dose of their highly curated house music aesthetic - an array of deep, hypnotic, groovy, euphoric beats (with a dash of soul for good measure ✨).

And to warm up the room, our good pal and Pamplemousse regular, Telequanta, will be providing the early dancefloor soundtrack.

It’s going to be a hot one! Let’s boogie oogie 👻.

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RSVP and enjoy reduced cover before 11pm.
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Maggs Bruchez

Pamplemousse & emby music • Philadelphia, PA
The Maggs Bruchez DJ/Production duo of Will Maggs & Dre Chez have been a staple in Philadelphia's underground house music community for the last decade. They've played at most of the city's major clubs over the years, having held residencies at a handful of em. They've also played in clubs around the world including Chicago, Milwaukee, Hawaii, Costa Rica, & NYC. They've had dozens of releases of their own music productions on a wide array of local and international house music labels as well as having curated over 100 releases from their network of groove-music friends from all over the world on their label, emby music.
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RSVP for Reduced Cover

RSVP and enjoy reduced cover before 11pm.
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About the Pamplemousse party

Intimate Space. Good vibes. Quality folks. Bumpy sounds.
The Pamplemousse Party is a monthly nightclub event focused on providing high quality house music and dance. It typically occurs on the 4th Saturdays of every month at the Liaison Room above Front Street Café on Front Street in Fishtown. The party's curators, Maggs Bruchez, have been producing house music and djing and throwing events in Philadelphia for well over a decade. Their focus on the music first ensures that the guests they book and the music they play themselves provides the Pamplemousse parties with a unique blend of forward thinking groovy dance music.

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