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Maggs Bruchez

emby is an independent dance music label run by Philadelphia's Maggs Bruchez. Quality, underground dance music with a focus on all things groovy.

emby has put music out from some of house music's most prolific, including Wattie Green, Scott Diaz, Corduroy Mavericks, Moshun, Freaky Behaviour, JoBu, HapKido, Alek Soltirov, Ed the Spread, Dirty Disco Stars, Ralph Session, B.Jinx, Russell Trent, Preach, Green Street, Soulfunker, Terry Waites, Jazzie D, Disk Nation, Cesare, Housego, Nick Callisto, Saleem Razvi, Version 2.0, Loopjacker, Rich Martinez, Jeff Omega, Chris Udoh, Willyum, Liteweb, ILY, CCO, Poison Jam Sam, Greenbay Jackers, Green Sequence, Sam Tyler, Nec SFS, Ludo Mir, Dan Ryan, Clayton the Chemist, Telequanta, DJ Nic-E, Tim Rella, Agent 818, Aback, Stranger Danger, Funkyloco, Ryan Anthony, Kurt Hustle, DJ Norbit, Danny Digable & Cory Porter.

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